Sessions with Amy

Ready for a
personal session with Amy?

Personal Sessions

Personal sessions are designed to identify your current vibration and shift any perspectives that might be limiting your desire from manifesting. Most sessions involve clarifying the desire and making sure your focus is on what you want and not how you think you'll get it, releasing resistance and learning techniques that will work best for you, because not all techniques resonate with every person.

Scheduling an Appointment

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please email me at I currently do not have a self-service booking system, all appointments will be scheduled via email with me. I usually reply within 24 hours, except from Friday night until Sunday afternoon (see my time zone here) when give myself and my email a mini holiday.

If you are in the US or Canada, appointments will be done on the phone. International calls can be done via Skype. After an appointment is scheduled and confirmed, you will receive information on how to make payment via PayPal or credit card.

Price & Times

45 minutes is $135 (USD)
1 hour is $180 (USD)

All prices are in US dollar. If you are not in the US, you can check the current exchange rate here.

Availability & Other Info

+ I only answer questions during paid sessions, email coaching is not available
+ My current schedule allows for appointments six days a week, Sunday through Friday
+ It is my highest excitement to take Saturdays off for myself
+ I usually respond to appointment request emails within 24 hours
+ If I have availability, I do offer same day appointments
+ I currently offer free content through my videos on my YouTube channel
+ I make videos when I feel inspired
+ I have an Instagram account if you'd like to follow me there (I do not reply to DMs [direct messages] on Instagram, please email me directly at to schedule an appointment)
+ The decision to schedule an appointment is solely yours, I recommend choosing what feels best and right for YOU

My email policy

I only answer questions during paid sessions.

Over the 16+ years of my coaching, I have found that it is best to have a person to person conversation, because it allows the coach (me) to quickly identify and help shift your vibration. For this reason, I only answer questions during sessions.

Disclaimer: Manifesting sessions and psychic readings are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or professional legal advice. If you have legal, medical or psychological concerns, please seek out a licensed professional.

Heart Energy

Your heart is your center and connection to the Source. You can use its unconditional and divine love to manifest your heart's desires.

Universal Orchestration

The Universe can orchestrate anything if you'll allow it to do its magic for you. You select what you want and the Universe takes care of the how, the when and the where it will manifest.

Be Yourself

You are a unique creation of God. Be yourself. The more you are yourself, the more you receive the things you want because they are YOU.

Anything is possible

Anyone CAN consciously create the life of their dreams.
The real question is, are you someone that WILL actually do it?