Amy Westmoreland

Manifesting Expert
& Success Coach

Amy Westmoreland

I was born a natural clairvoyant and my specialty is reading a person's vibrational state of being. After graduating college with a BA in History, I underwent training to develop my abilities to learn how to read energy. Reading energy is actually more fun and fulfilling for me than just giving a regular psychic reading. The reason for this is that everything that happens in the physical world, whether it be health, a relationship, or a job (EVERYTHING) begins in the energy realm and then manifests itself into our reality. Through the course of doing thousands of psychic readings, I discovered that the energy (vibration) of the person was extremely important in how their life unfolded. I combined this observation with my knowledge of manifesting and began teaching others how to become a vibrational match to their desires.

Following My Joy & Excitement

I currently float about and follow wherever my heart and excitement leads me. I spend most of my time between Richmond, Virginia (my home base) and Atlanta, Georgia (where I work in the film industry as part of my highest excitement) with frequent stays in Los Angeles. I've traveled the world, and as of December 2016, checked off one of my many Bucket List items of visiting 25 countries in my lifetime. I speak basic Japanese (which I need to brush up on) and my favorite international cities are - in this specific order - Tokyo, Rome, Paris & Buenos Aires. There are too many other international and US cities to list, I love so many of them.

Following my joy and excitement led me into the entertainment industry as a hobby. For fun, I have worked on major Hollywood films and television shows as a stand in and a professional zombie. My first and true love, however, is coaching others how to manifest their dreams. I also love coffee, chocolate and cheese.

A Few of the Things I've Manifested

(I've manifested so many things that I've stopped keeping track, but these are some of my most wonderful manifestations.)

  • Winning the first place prize of $15,000 in a global transformation contest (47,000 people in the contest).
  • Meeting five of my favorite singers in the world. TVXQ & JYJ, Korean pop stars.
  • Being selected to work on two of my favorite televisions series. Charmed and that zombie show that's currently crazy popular.
  • Being selected as an extra for three of the four Hunger Games movies. I didn't get to do the first one because I didn't know the series existed until after it was filmed.
  • A free 7 day cruise to the Caribbean.
  • Winning $1000 jackpot on slot machine on 5th spin.
  • A free laptop computer.
  • A free Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  • Completely getting out of debt and being 100% debt free.
  • Experience & Education

  • Professionally coached, taught manifesting and given energy readings since 2001.
  • Learned how to use my clairvoyant abilities to read energy in the Clairvoyant Training program from The Midwest Psychic Institute in Chicago (now officially called InVision).
  • B.A. in History from DePaul University.
  • Other Media

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    A friend of mine called me one day asking if I would be in this music video. It wasn't until I got there and heard the song that I laughed and realized the song is about miracles and transforming reality. Of course it is.

    Manifesting Videos

    I have a variety of videos on YouTube that deal with common questions and concerns that come up when manifesting. Please visit and subscribe to my channel.


    Stuck? Confused? No amount of videos or articles on the subject of manifesting cutting it? Schedule a personal session with me and find out exactly where your vibration is at and what your next step is to align with your desires.

    Be Yourself

    You are a unique creation of God. Be yourself. The more you are yourself, the more you receive the things you want because they are YOU.

    Anything is possible

    Anyone CAN consciously create the life of their dreams.
    The real question is, are you someone that WILL actually do it?