The Universe Loves You

You are not alone.

The Universe...God...All That Is...Source

No matter what you call it, there is an infinite source of energy that IS everything. It is everything and it created everything and it loves you. It loves YOU. It loves you so much it gave you the 100% free choice (free will) ability to create your experiences and reality the way YOU deem best.

I've always found that if I can shift my perspective from my current reality and the circumstances that are holding my attention to the all-powerful Universe, I am able to get back into a place of trust and security that all is well. Think about it this way, when we look at our "issues" from our measly one person perspective, it can be daunting. From that perspective we start wondering how can I make my circumstances change? What can I possibly do? When will it happen? Will it happen? Why hasn't it happened? What am I doing wrong? All of these questions are the domain of a limited perspective and they are valid and not to be feared or judged. Allow yourself to ask and fret about these things and you will find freedom. Resist your own perspective and it will persist and it will be in every direction you look because it comes FROM your point of view and everything you see will be from that point of view.

The Universe is not limited by your circumstances

Allowing your current perspective to exist exactly as it is (without judgment and embracing however it feels) is what allows you to transcend it and move to an unlimited perspective - the perspective of the Universe. When you look at your life from the Universe's infinite point of view, suddenly things make sense and resistance is quelled. The Universe is not limited by anything, because it IS everything. How can something that is everything be limited by anything? God is not limited. Source is not confused or bound by your personal limitations. All That Is does not look at your situation and think you've screwed it up beyond repair so it throws in the towel and calls it a day. The Universe always sees infinite possibilities and solutions even when you do not.

How could the Universe, GOD, possibly be limited by any circumstances when it is the creator of ALL circumstances?

Remembering this simple, yet profound truth allows you to relax. If you do not relax, you most likely have not actually remembered it. You can think something and not really embody it. Embody this truth and you will relax and trust.

If you cannot embody this truth, accept that you cannot and you will drop any resistance to your current state thus allowing embodiment. The fastest way to shift is to accept you have not shifted, cannot shift, don't know how or whatever comes to mind as the reason you have not shifted yet.

You ARE the Universe. You are ONE with it and it is ONE with you. You can tap into that unlimited perspective at any time because it is within you, always available. You can also tap into any limited perspective at any time. That is free will, unconditional love to be as you wish to be and it is a beautiful thing to experience being both, for being both allows you to deeply appreciate creation.

Univeral Orchestration

While I was writing this article, I randomly selected this song on YouTube to listen to and it's about the Universe being inside of you. How synchronistic. I'd never heard of the band or the song before, it was just suggested based on other things I had been listening to. Yes indeed, the Universe is inside of you.

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Be Yourself

You are a unique creation of God. Be yourself. The more you are yourself, the more you receive the things you want because they are YOU.

Anything is possible

Anyone CAN consciously create the life of their dreams.
The real question is, are you someone that WILL actually do it?